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Starting a Men’s Group

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    Preparation is required before you start your men’s group. If you and your core group of men have received some counselling training, you may be ready to start a local men’s healing group in your community. Some communities are more ready for this type of group than others. It is always important to have support from community leaders. They may help to promote your group, share resources, or provide financial or logistical support.

    It will be helpful to community leaders, or any new men who are thinking of joining your group, to know what it is all about.

    Foundation documents are vital for grounding your work, and showing others the expectations you have of them. They don’t have to be written down, but it is important that they are clear, remembered and understood. When you are ready, you can decide on things like the following.

    About the group:

    • What is your group called?
    • What is your purpose/goal?
    • How are you going to achieve that goal?
    • What do you believe in?

    The men in the community should know:

    • Where can someone find your group?
    • Can they speak with you alone?
    • How will the group be confidential?
    • When do you get together? How often?
    • What do you do when you’re together?
    • Who can join your group?
    • How can others help?

    It may be that your group wishes to write down your foundation documents so that you have a goal, clear objectives and guiding principles (your core beliefs).

    Organizing these into a framework will help you to gather allies. Men’s groups are stronger when they are built upon partnerships with the community. You may already have strong connections with front-line service providers (health care workers, shelters, police, teachers, social workers, etc.) Other groups, such as hunters and trappers and women’s organizations can also be strong allies. There’s no reason to do this work alone, and we can all support each other.

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