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COVID-19 Support for Inuit Families

“We know that many Inuit women living across Canada are struggling to feed their children nutritious food during the pandemic. This funding allows Pauktuutit to partner with frontline urban Inuit organizations across Canada to quickly provide temporary food relief to families who have been hit hard by the negative economic impact of COVID-19.”

Rebecca Kudloo
President, Pauktuutit 

Food Support and more

Pauktuutit is pleased to deliver temporary COVID-19 support to Inuit women and their families who live outside Inuit Nunangat.

Phase I is food support for those experiencing some level of food insecurity. Inuit and their families can apply for a gift card to purchase healthy food and other household items.  This food support is a monthly digital gift card delivered electronically, each month for six months. The application is open, and you only need to apply for food support once.

Phase II will provide other COVID-19 support for Inuit and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic and its recovery. The application for this support will be open in early December.

Eligibility Criteria

The food support is accessible to all Inuit and their household living outside Inuit Nunangat who self-identify and are experiencing some level of food insecurity. Due to the requirements of the funding, please confirm that you are Inuk.

More information about Phase II of the COVID-19 support will be released soon.

How to Apply

You can access this support two ways, either through one of the following organizations or directly through Pauktuutit (using the link below). However, you can only apply to one organization.

  • Atelihai Inuit
  • Inuit Community Development and Education Foundation
  • Southern Quebec Inuit Association
  • Toronto Inuit Association
  • Tunngasugit Inc.
  • Yellowknife Inuit Kattujiqatigiit

Food Security Application Form

Please click here to access our secure application form. Please only apply once for your household.

The personal information provided is collected for the administration of the COVID-19 Support Program by Paukuutit and will be stored safely and confidentially.

If you have questions or require more information, contact the COVID-19 Support Team at