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Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 520
Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7
T: 613-238-3977
F: 613-238-1787
Toll Free: 1-800-667-0749



Tracy O’Hearn, Executive Director
Ext. 226

Rose Mary Cooper, Political Advisor to the Executive
Ext. 230

Danielle Gagnon, Executive Assistant
Ext. 257


Antoinette Brind’Amour, Director of Communications
Ext. 267

Human Resources

Shawna Clancy, Manager, Human Resources
Ext. 268

Finance and Administration

Carrie Wapachee, Director of Finance
Ext. 225

Victoria Guillemette, Bookkeeper
Ext. 241

Carmenne St. Cyr, Office Administrator
Ext. 233

Policy and Research

Samantha Michaels, Senior Policy Advisor
Ext. 237

Christine Lund, Senior Policy Advisor
Ext. 253

Raha Ravasian, Project Manager
Ext. 263

Ujaralaaq Karetak, Project Manager
Ext. 260

Donna Bush, Senior Policy Advisor
Ext. 266



Shauna-Marie Young, Director of Projects
Ext. 256

Nadia Noor, Manager, Violence & Abuse Prevention
Ext. 269

Savanah Ashton, Manager, Health Policy and Programs
Ext. 238

Lema Ijtemaye, Manager, Social and Economic Development
Ext. 245

Sipporah Enuaraq, Project Coordinator
Ext. 235

Felicia Tugak, Project Coordinator
Ext. 244

Reyna Marie Cupper Uriarte, Project Coordinator
Ext. 227

Chelsea Giesel, Project Coordinator
Ext. 262

Alexandria Kazmerik, Project Coordinator
Ext. 234

Natalie Ittinuar, Project Coordinator
Ext. 265

Annette Boucher, Project Coordinator
Ext. 264

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